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Hi there! My name is Brutus and I’m the official spokesdog for DOG TV® along with my four-legged friend Buddy. We’re here to provide you with information, tips and links to dog-friendly sites as well as letting you know about upcoming events and dog happenings.

This website and DOG TV® programs have been created to enlighten viewers, both young and younger, how they can spend more quality time with their pet and at the same time keeping their pets healthy and happy.

A healthy pet is an active pet! Enjoy the site!

Breed Banter Spotlight

The Old English Sheepdog dates back to the early 1800’s with the country of origin… Great Britain. Their first use was for herding sheep and other livestock, but they also make a great companion.  The Sheepdog can become quite large so early training may be necessary. Puppies are born with a black and white coat, […]

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